Average Height: 3’2”-4’5”

Average Weight: 45-90 lb

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence

Size: Small

Speed: 4 Squares

Vision: Dark Vision

Languages: Common, Shqa-Kevyiack

4th Edition Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Acrobatics

3.5 Features: +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength, +4 to Acrobatics checks, +2 Search, Listen and Spot checks. Base land speed 40 feet.

Tree Dweller: When falling, you take damage as if the fall was 20 feet shorter.

Craven Twist: You may use the at-will ability Craven Twist.

Craven Twist                                                   Craven Racial Power
At-Will                                                            Instant Reaction
Trigger:  An enemy misses a melee attack against you.
Effect:  You may shift one square.

Name Like most titles for the ‘Savage Races’, the title ‘the Craven’ began as a racial epithet, but evolved into the common term to describe the race. The term used by the Craven themselves (while technically unpronounceable by other races) is usually written as Shqa-Kevyiack. Though ‘Craven’ was originally used to be insulting and demeaning, the Craven themselves were unaware of the negative connotations of the term because in their culture and language the term would be more associated with ‘ambition’ than ‘fear’.


The Craven are a primitive jungle race, with almost no civilizations to call their own. In their homeland, they are tree-dwellers who utilize only the most basic tools to hunt small prey and gather food. Despite being in the past jurisdiction of the ancient kingdom of Sol Kharaogh, they were left to themselves until recent times (as they were considered barely more than animals by the Kharaoghans). In recent times however, it is common for Craven to be found on board ships, either as deckhands or bound for servitude in the Savage Lands to the West of the ocean or as scum and tricksters in the slums and port towns, scheming and sneaking to cut out a life for themselves.

Despite only recently having been exposed to even the most basic of technologies, the Craven have shown to possess a natural affinity for many devices and mechanical contraptions (though they retain an ignorance of magic and chemical technologies), and this (combined with their small size) has made them perfect crew for the many ships of the three human kingdoms. However, in the civilized lands the Craven are often mistrusted as many believe them to be greedy and immoral (though indeed life in the jungles has left them completely blind to the idea of ‘morals’ and their only philosophy is to survive).


The Craven are the smallest of all of the intelligent races, oftentimes barely standing three feet tall and having exceedingly narrow and lightweight frames. While they have a simian body structure, their skin consists of scales that range in color from brown to green and, rarely, red. Their eyes are most commonly yellow and always have vertical pupils. They also have a narrow tail that is used for balance and brightly colored feathers that travel down their backs from their head and down to the tip of their tail.


In their native lands, technology is almost non-existent for the Craven (in fact, most do not even possess shelter beyond that naturally occurring in the jungle). However, when exposed to it, they have an impressive natural ability for most mechanical items.


For longer than most know, the Craven lived by themselves in their homeland jungles, never warring because they had no nations or tribes but never being safe for the same reasons. Their first exposure to the light of civilization was when the empire of Sol Kharaogh marched across their home from the South. While this was their first encounter with other races, it had minimal impact as the Kharaoghans did not believe the Craven to be anything more than animals. However, when the Evengian, Resarian and Kharaoghan kingdoms began to expand into the new world, their need for sailors and colonists lead them to the Craven. While initially intending to gather slaves, they quickly found the Craven, eager for a better and easier life, to volunteer and proved themselves extremely capable. Soon, the Craven began spreading all over the known world, and can now be a guaranteed fixture in any city that lies on the coast.


Craven are mostly distrusted by other races, who see them as selfish and smarmy. The Wolfkin look down on them for being cowards and (in their minds) willing slaves to humans. Dwarves often have a distaste of them but enjoy working alongside of them because of their mechanical skill. The Elves generally both fond of and dislike them, as they feel a kinship with most races that live in the wild but dislike the ‘new Craven’ as they are called. Humans are fond of the Craven, both for their skill and novelty. The Craven themselves usually enjoy the company of other races (though less so the ones that frighten them) but rarely consider themselves friends of any outside their own race.


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