Average Height: 5’6”-6’6”

Average Weight: 130-190lbs

Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 Squares

Vision: Normal

Language: Common, Dusrien

3.5 Features: +2 Dexterity -2 Constitution, Base Speed 30 ft, Children of the Blade: +2 on all checks to appraise, identify or craft swords, daggers or other blade-type weapons. Automatically proficient with longswords, rapiers and vilra. +2 to Survival and Nature checks while in jungle-like environments, +2 to acrobatics and athletics checks while not wearing heavy armor.

4th Edition Skill Bonus: +2 Stealth, +2 Arcana

Children of the Blade: The art of swordplay is heavily ingrained in Dusriel culture. All Dusriel gain a +1 attack bonus when attacking with a sword or dagger.

Dusriel Fervour                                                   Dusriel Racial Power
At-Will                                                            Instant Reaction
Trigger:  You make an attack using an action point.
Effect:  You may roll twice, choosing either result.

Name: Despite the usual effects of human bigotry, the term ‘Dusriel’ is actually of their own choosing. The word itself is a shortened version of ‘Children of the Sun’ in their own tongue.


The Dusriel are an ancient race with a heavy sense of tradition. While technologically primitive, their land has stood, free of government, for longer than any remember. This lawlessness did not have an adverse affect on the behavior of the Dusriel people however, as their culture’s strict moral and religious codes (as well as vicious punishments given personally to those who perform ‘dishonorable’ actions) keep the Dusriels well behaved and in harmony with one another.

While their architecture is simple, many of their temples are surprisingly large stone constructions, focused on worshipping (surprisingly enough) various gods and saints based off of the stars in the sky. Their technology and economy are equally primitive, and they still rely on barter economy. Despite the fact that the modern Dusriels have never been known to mine for metals, every family has its own sword, an item of great importance. A family or individual who loses their sword (which are of a very specific type, called a vilra) are subjugated to much shame until they manage to obtain a new one and have it blessed by a temple priest. However, swords are hard to come by and there are many stories of Dusriels who have braved the long and arduous trip across the Glasslands and the Kharaoghan deserts to commission a new blade from Kharoaghan swordsmiths.


The Dusriel stand apart from the so-called ‘Savage Races’ and resemble humans and elves much more closely. Their two most memorable features make them instantly recognizable: their ebon skin and ruby eyes. While most commonly pitch black, skin tones of darker brown or red are not unknown amongst the Dusriel. However, their eyes are uniformly ruby colored, with no known exception (and in the even of cross-breeding, it is said that no matter how small an amount, any human with even the slightest amount of Dusrien ancestry will retain the ruby eyes). While on average slightly taller than humans and of leaner build, their body types vary nearly as much as humans do. Also, their ears are pointed like elves (leading some humans to believe inaccurately that the races are related), although much more sloped. A strange aspect of their appearance is that no Dusriel grows hair, which can make distinguishing one from the other difficult for outsiders.


The Dusriel are the most primitive of the human-like races. While agriculture is known to them it is almost only present along the coast and while it is believed they know of mining, there are no known accounts of them doing so, except recently as slaves to the Resarians (although most believe at some point in their history they had to, as the Dusriels possessed a substantial amount of metal swords and precious gems but how they came to own them is still unknown).


For most of their history the Dusriel lived in peace apart from the other races. Despite their isolation they had surprising knowledge of the rest of the Continent through their own oral tradition and stories from pilgrims who left Qer d’Esci in search of a new sword. It wasn’t until pirates began using their shore as a safe haven that the Dusriel became the focus of any part of the outside world. The Resarians, seeing a potential of profiting from the Dusriel’s supply of gems, water and exotic fruits, first established trading outposts and eventually invaded to take control of Qer d’Esci from the Dusriel entirely. While the Dusriel still suffer under the Resarians brutal occupation, there have been many fierce rebellions by the Dusriels, many of whom refuse to accept the occupation force.


While usually respectful, the Dusriel remain very reserved when interacting with the other races. Despite suffering directly from the humans more than any other race throughout their history, a long tradition of live-and-let-live with humanity has left them largely indifferent towards them, with only the Resarians held in contempt. The Dusriel get along famously with the few Elves they come across, with both races valuing nature, magic and swordplay. Dwarves are often at odds with the Dusriel as they are, in many ways, polar opposites (although tales from Dusriel pilgrims ingrained a heavy respect for dwarven sword smiths). Like the elves, the Wolfkin (who call them the ‘Jaguar People’) share many qualities with the Dusriel and the races get along well, although the Dusriel view the Wolfkin as less sophisticated. The Craven are the only race that are truly looked down upon by the Dusriel, who view them as nothing more than jungle animals.


Dusriel can be found of almost any alignment. While their primitive culture and recent oppression might cause them to lean towards chaotic natures, they also possess a strong sense of honor and tradition which would suggest more lawful alignments. And while they were once generally benevolent, they have recently become xenophobic and hostile to outsiders, leaving them as a truly split people.


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