The “gamblers” are a new class of freelances that have risen to prominence of late within the three human kingdoms. Not quite bounty hunters, not merely blades-for-hire and not always thieves, they have risen to become a class of their own in the new, nearly lawless lands of the Continent.

The reasons for the rise of the gamblers is threefold: the deterioration of the Evengian Empire’s infrastructure, the emergence of the Resarian middle-class and explorers and the decline of the Savage Races as humankind take hold.

Notable Gamblers:

Althren, a Resarian treasure hunter of some small reputation

Bale a Resarian hunter and explorer, known for his skills as an trapper and scout. He is a frequent traveling companion of the Voanquin, Joker.

Cairo an ambitious Evengian thief, known to be a ruthless negotiator. His specialty is upper-class homes and he has a reputation for flawlessly executing heists.

Chalk a mysterious assassin, little is known about this newcomer’s origins or motives but recently his name has been whispered as one of the most brutally effective death-dealers available for hire.

Dagger a talented archer and fencer, rumors persist that Dagger is one of the legendary ‘elves’ that were said to inhabit the Continent before the rise of the three kingdoms.

Lady Delura a master sorceress and illusionist, she is well known both for her skills and her unique appearance—Lady Delura is an albino.

Gaff a talented Craven thief, with a reputation for quickly and quietly finishing all jobs that come to him.

Gak an eccentric and superstitious Wolfkin, drifting through Evengia, taking obscure jobs for low prices. His reputation largely comes from his off-putting nature and strange habits (such as collecting teeth as good luck charms).

Gray, a mysterious Wolfkin warrior with infamous tracking and unarmed combat skills. He is not known to have ever taken a job directly, but instead works with his constant traveling companion, Lefty.

Jeis, a young Evengian freelance, known for his vainglorious and flamboyant methods when completing jobs. Recently, he has fallen in with Lefty and Gray for unknown reasons, though any who deal with him are quick to note that Jeis is much quieter in the presence of those two.

Joker is a grizzled Wolfkin warrior. One of the oldest in the business, in his youthful days, Joker obtained his name for his irreverent and sacastic nature. However, lately the title has become an ironic one as his humor has dried over the years, with the veteran gambler became more stoic and, some would say, grim. Recently has become a traveling companion with the hunter, Bale.

Ki-Amar, a uniquely trained Dusriel swordmage, known for his combination of swordplay and magic. While he has been taking jobs like a typical gambler, he seems to be motivated for some other purpose, often refusing jobs that conflict with his moral code and insisting that the jobs that he does do are either for good or for to support him on his ‘search’.

Light, a brash and overzealous Wolfkin paladin, devoted to Orlan’s Triumvirate. The source of his training is unknown but his honor and hopeless idealism often complicates matters that he attempts to resolve.

Mirror, a mysterious agent who only top level brokers know how to hire, but even they are ignorant to his true identity.

Naan, a quiet and cold warrior who has recently appeared in the Continent, solving various issues. While he has a somewhat Kharaoghan appearance, he does not share the matching mannerism and the source of his unique training is unknown, leaving him to be somewhat of a mystery.

Pious and Deist are two Craven twins (or at least, they appear to be twins, but then again, all Craven look alike) devoted to the ancient Kharaoghan religion. Despite their uncharacteristic faith, their Craven nature still often takes precedence: they do jobs for coin, not out of the goodness of their hearts.

Pup a young Wolfkin mercenary who has been eagerly taking jobs as of late. Despite his diminutive title, he is steadily gaining a reputation for finishing all jobs that come to him.

Qin a crafty and agile freelance with a reputation for one of the most scrupulous and talented human gamblers. Her unique appearance (being half-Evengian and half-Kharaoghan) and charisma are an advantage she has not ignored throughout her rise to prominence, utilizing her looks as much as her physical and mental talents to get what she wants.

Sabrant a talented but unreliable thief, known to take jobs on every corner of the Continent. Allegedly a Driftlander in origin, since his appearance as a gambler two years ago, Sabrant has had a colorful series of adventures that have given him a reputation equally as a master thief, a coward and a jackass.

Captain Selk, a Resarian trader and marine, known to be one of the few gamblers to operate out of his own ship, the Rabbit.

Spry first mate of the Rabbit and an immensely talented Craven sailor. His position is unique for one of his kind, as they are rarely delegated positions of power aboard the ships that they serve.

Velethres a Dusriel swordsman who fights with a deadly efficiency and grace. While his motives or origin as a gambler are unknown, a common rumor exists that he seeks to stain his ancestor’s blade with the blood of as many humans (especially Resarians) as possible before returning to his homeland.


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