Great War

The Evengian Civil War was a devastating conflict that lasted for over a decade. The conflict began as a dispute for the thrown between Prince Thousin and Prince Hakune but escalated into the most devastating conflict in Evengian history. While, Hakune (nicknamed the Errant-Prince after the many stories about his adventures as a young Temple Knight) was the rightful successor to the throne, Thousin (likewise known as the Philosopher) believed control should be given to the people.

While much of Evengia’s standing army was loyal to Hakune, the Errant-Prince refused (at least in the early stages of the war) to take his forces into population centers which allowed Thousin to build up his own army, as well as retain access to the Evengian treasury and use it to recruit large numbers of mercenaries.

Despite the numerical and strategic disadvantages Hakune faced, he was a far more skilled commander than his younger brother and had a far more loyal force. While Hakune was largely unbeatable in the field, he lacked a way to replenish his forces so it was believed the war would be over within 5 years. The campaign at Hamilkar Forest changed all of that.

As the war machine of Prince Thousin expanded, so did their need for supplies. Much of their supplies and equipment came from the goblin tribes and their craftsmen northeast of Evengia. However, while the goblins’ business with Thousin was very lucrative, they feared a shortage of supplies would hamper their industry. So, with the goal of obtaining more raw materials, the goblins marched into the vast, untamed Hamilkar Forest, home of the Wolfkin. The ensuing conflict was one of the most fierce of the war, with the Wolfkin leading a savage guerrilla resistance and decimating the woefully mismatched goblins.

Eventually, Thousin sent one of his legions to assist the goblins in quelling the Wolfkin, but, in response, Hakune personally led a force to fight alongside the resistance. While the effort was doomed from the start, many Wolfkin joined the Errant-Prince’s army which for the first time in nearly a decade gave him fresh forces and devastating shock troopers. While Thousin’s sheer numbers still meant his ultimate victory, the addition of the Wolfkin vastly intensified the conflict and, at the war’s height entire cities were turned to ash.

Hakune’s doomed effort finally came to an end with his legendary last stand at Star’s Reach Keep.

Great War

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