Prince Thousin

Prince Thousin Verthi was to be known as the Last Son of House Verthi (as opposed to his elder brother’s title, the Last True Son of House Verthi). Being the younger of the princes, he was given very little responsibility in the ruling of the Evengian Empire and was left to pursue his own personal intellectual and diplomatic goals (traditionally, House Verthi only bore one son, so Prince Hakune was given all of the responsibilities reserved for those who would succeed the throne, including military training and duty as well as serving the Temple Knights). During most of his childhood and young adulthood, Thousin was left to his own and known publicly as the more meager of the brothers (as opposed to Hakune’s sterling reputation, which had earned him the title of the Errant-Prince). It was known publicly that there was little respect or love between Hakune and Thousin, and some rumors even claimed they were of different parentage.

It wasn’t until his father’s death that Thousin would instantly thrust himself from inadequacy to an Evengian figure to rival King Qaro himself. Before Hakune could be ceremonially crowned King of Evengia, Thousin plead with him to use this opportunity to absolve the monarchy and establish a new form of government in Evengia. The Errant-Prince, however, saw it as his duty (indeed, if not his burden) to guide the Empire and bade his brother to not trouble himself with such things.

However, while Hakune spent his youth in training and adventuring, Thousin had spent his making powerful friends and allies amongst much of Evengia’s aristocracy. While it was unknown if and for how long Thousin had such plans, he convinced a large majority of the Dukes and Barons to lead a coup against Hakune to establish a new government for Evengia. They failed to depose Hakune at first (the escape of the Errant-Prince and his standard-bearer from his betrayal at Verthi Square would be yet another one of the many legends and folk tales about Hakune), and his escape led to the one possibility Thousin hadn’t considered in his coup: War.

Following the devastating war and eventual defeat of his brother, Thousin came through with his promise of a new government and formed the People’s Parliament of Evengia to rule the Empire in his stead. However as the parliament struggles to assume power, the Prince (who’s popularity has vastly increased following his victory) maintains a large amount of influence and power over the government and urges further Evengian expansion into the Savage Lands rather than give the country a peaceful rebuilding period. He continues to sit on his father’s throne, although he refused to be named king, and every year he holds a grand festival in Decarna to celebrate the battle at Star’s Reach Keep.

Prince Thousin

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