The world is changing, with the old races swept aside or enslaved as the three great human empires expand. Still reeling from the effects of their devastating Civil War, the newly reformed Evengian Empire is the embodiment of that change. While the newly elected Parliament has taken control from the old monarchy, Prince Thousin, who remains a popular figurehead, has begun the call for Evengia to, for the first time, expand beyond the Continent into the newly discovered Savage Lands. This has left the Evengian government a distant figure, with the order of the lands resting no longer in the hands of appointed officials and lords but in whoever has the power and coin to command the true masters of the land: the Gamblers.

They come from all walks of life: Wolfkin dislodged from their conquered homeland, Craven leaving their primitive jungle, humans from all reaches of the Continent, and Dusriel exiled or forcefully removed from the Land of the Second Sun. They are jacks-of-all-trades: not simply sell-swords, more than handymen and not always thieves.

Morality to the Gamblers is as varied and fluid as the individuals and trades that make up their caste. None of this matters to their employers, those most irresponsible of men and women who use the gamblers for whatever petty needs or selfish desires they have, heedlessly passing power and wealth into the hands of those whose loyalty lies only to the next paycheck.

The Gamblers