Evengian Expedition

The expedition commissioned by Prince Thousin of the Evengian Empire to explore and colonize the Savage Lands, after its discovery by Resarian explorers four years ago. Despite the full financial and philosophical support of the closest thing Evengia has to a leader. due to the nation’s depleted manpower following its civil war, much of the manpower comprising the expedition comes from the private sector, rather than the true Evengian Army. Nonetheless, five ships’ worth of artisans, colonists, sailors, freelances and militiamen (from the Evengian Auxiliaries) undertook the month long journey west.

The expedition consists of five ships: three frigates, a single sloop and Kiber’s Quarry, one of the largest ships in the Evengian Armada and flagship of the expedition. However, the seas near the Savage Lands are uncharted and often stormy, and the coastline is rocky, making landing sites hard to come by.

Notable Members:

Baron Lashow of Nerona, leader of the expedition appointed by the Evengian Parliament.

Commander Abrac, leader of the Auxiliaries protecting the expedition. A wealthy nobleman of the Eastern households.

Lieutenant Gallen Farek, former knight-apprentice and second-in-command of the Evengian Auxiliaries with the expedition.

Torya, one of the five pursers assisting in managing the expedition (one for each ship).

Werser, provisioner. An alcoholic slum dog who answered the call for workers.

Evengian Expedition

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