Grand Duchy of Resaria

The Grand Duchy of Resaria is the smallest of the three great human nations, consisting primarily of the outlying islands West and Southwest of Sol Kharaogh. Ruled by Grand Duchess Recil (often called, incorrectly, by foreigners ‘the Widow Queen’), Resaria has, despite its size, become an economic and naval powerhouse, as well as the only human kingdom to avoid war with its brethren.

Resaria is the youngest of the three human nations, having only formed two generations ago on its capitol, White Rock. Using its advantageous position and technologically advanced ships, Resaria quickly monopolized many of the trade routes and, through purely economic methods, managed to become a competitor to the ancient Sol Kharaogh and the expansive Evengian Empire. This success has given Resaria something that no other kingdom has had before in the history of the Continent: a middle class. That combined with unprecedented social mobility has made Resarian adventurers, travelers and freelances a common sight throughout the Continent (especially in Evengia, where it has become a boom industry) simply because Resarian citizens have a good chance at not being born into their station in life.

Although still an island nation, Resaria’s most famous territory lies on the continent itself: Qer d’Esci. Their famous occupation of the ‘Land of the Second Sun’ has been both arduous and profitable. The occasional rebellions of the ruby-eyed Dusriel have been bloody, the trade of rare gemstomes and various other resources of the river delta (including fruit and water, which is sold in bulk to Sol Kharoagh with an astonishing profit margin), has been a huge boon to the Resarian merchants.

The military of Resaria is the minimum for a nation of its size, consisting mainly of elite guards and marines that accompany sanctioned ships. However, Resaria has a vast reserve of mercenaries and freelances that can be recruited at a moments notice with their own bottomless treasury. Even in the event of war, an actual land engagement with Resaria is considered unlikely as their navy is the most mobile, numerous, skilled and technologically advanced in the world (and by virtue as such, is considered unbeatable).

While it was Resarian explorers who made the initial discovery of the Savage Lands, their approach is very different from the Evengians. Rather than attempt to colonize the lands, the Duchess is simply in the planning stages of establishing strategically placed trade outposts to hopefully barter peacefully with the natives. Despite their government’s different approach however, Resarian adventurers will play a significant role in the Evengian Expedition.

Grand Duchy of Resaria

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