The most numerous and dominant race on the Continent. Their rapid expansion in recent years is thought to be the main contributor to the reduction of the Savage Races.

Although largely similar, most tend to recognize there as being three different ‘types’ of humans.

First and most common are the Evengians. Physically they are the lightest skinned of the humans and tend to have either blond or black hair and eyes of any color, excluding ruby. Many Evengians live in large metropolitan centers and the importance of Orlan’s Triumvirate in everyday Evengian life continues to grow. Evengians come from a rapidly expanding and turbulent homeland: they gain a +2 to knowledge (local) and sense motive. Starting language: Evengian, bonus languages: Craven, Kharaoghan, Resarian and Voanquin.

The second most numerous are the Kharaoghan who still live in the some of the first lands inhabited by humans. Physically they are very dark skinned, tones ranging from caramel brown to nearly Dusriel-black and their eyes tend to be generally brown although green and ruby eyes are also not terribly rare sights throughout Sol Kharaogh (despite common perception, ruby eyes are not necessarily evidence of Dusriel heritage). They are the most ancient of all human people and the only human civilization where magic usually affects everyday life. Kharaoghans come from a dangerous and mysterious land: they gain a +2 bonus to either survival and intimidate or knowledge (arcana) and spellcraft. Starting language: Kharaoghan. Bonus languages: Craven, Dusriel, Evengian, Highborne Kharaoghan, and Resarian.

The Resarians are a common sight through almost every part of the Continent as they are expert sailors and travel throughout all parts of the world. While they can be just as light skinned as Evengians, they tend to hail from warmer climates and are more often olive skinned. Their hair tends to be shades of brown and red, with black being uncommon and their eyes are either blue or green. More than other humans they are used to sailing the ocean and spending time in other cultures. Resarians come from a culture of merchants: they gain +2 to appraise and gather information checks. Starting language: Resarian. Bonus languages: Craven, Dusriel, Evengian, Kharaoghan and Voanquin.

The Driftlanders are an uncommon sight amongst the rest of the Continent but they can sometimes be found, eking their way after escaping their wretched homeland- or prison. They can be of any physical appearance and of almost any background. They gain a +2 to bluff and perception checks. Starting language: racial. Bonus languages: any human.


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