Prince Hakune

The elder brother of Prince Thousin and called both the Errant-Prince and (after his presumed death) the Last True Son of House Verthi. Being the eldest son of the last king, Hakune was trained from a young age in any and all matters that would prepare him to rule the Evengian Empire after his father’s death. His youth was consumed by this rigorous training and then his traditional service in the Temple Knights.

While a Temple Knight, he traveled all throughout Evengia and the lands to the East. His many adventures would be popularized by his friend, the Bard Thiv, and became well known throughout the household of Evengia. Eventually the ‘Nine Quests of the Errant-Prince’ would become the stuff of legends and early on made him one of the most respected princes in the history of the House of Verthi. Eventually, Prince Hakune would retire from the Order of the Sun and Moon and was given charge of the 5th Legion of Evengia’s Army and famously ended the Fifty Years War between Evengia and Sol Kharaogh, further cementing his reputation as an Evengian hero.

Shortly following his venture into the South, Hakune would receive word of his father’s death. Leaving his legion to guard the pass around the Inland Sea, Hakune returned to Decarna with only his standard-bearer to be crowned the King of Evengia. However, after Hakune dismissed his brother’s plea to reform the empire, he was betrayed. As Hakune reached the steps of the Verthi Palace, the city guard (under orders from Thousin’s allies in the aristocracy) ambushed Hakune and attempted to capture or kill him. However, Hakune’s skills as a warrior proved to be more than myth and he outfought the guards at Verthi Square and, street by street, battled his way out of Decarna, with his standard-bearer following him the whole way, never lowering Hakune’s colors so that all citizens of Decarna recognized the Prince.

After escaping Decarna and a second ambush at the site of his father’s grave, Hakune regrouped with his 5th Legion (who had heard news of the coup and engaged the 3rd and 9th Legions with the aid of defectors even in Hakune’s absence) and began the Great War. Despite his forces being outnumbered almost tenfold by the one’s controlled by Thousin and his allies, Hakune’s skill as well as the imperfect alliance that held the legions (which at times threatened to splinter the civil war into more than two sides) allowed him to claim astonishing victories. However, Hakune refused to march his legions into the cities of Evengia on the grounds that he could only war with the traitors and not the citizens of Evengia, which allowed Thousin to use these to freely garrison his soldiers without fear of attack.

When Thousin’s industrialist allies invaded Hamilkar Forest, Hakune saw it as his duty to assist the Wolfkin and led a small group of his own soldiers personally to fight alongside the natives. Although not his intention, this move effectively increased the size of his forces by joining them with the Wolfkin warriors. While his involvement further doomed the Wolfkin by attracting the attentions of the Loyalist’s legions, his attempt to save them made him the most respected outsider in the Wolfkin’s history.

Eventually, the Errant-Prince’s doomed effort had to come to an end. At Star’s Reach Keep, Hakune led his few remaining forces (after giving them a final chance to leave before the battle) against the largest army in Evengia’s long history. His army, consisting of only a few hundred total of hardened legionnaires and Wolfkin warriors fought heroically against the crushing horde, some estimating that fifty Loyalists were cut down for each of Hakune’s soldier present.

There are three different accounts of Hakune’s final death. The most popular of which is that he waded out into the enemy army and after killing hundreds was lost amongst the corpses. Others say that he defended the keep until he was pushed back to the tallest tower and eventually pushed off of the top of the tower by the sheer amount of Loyalists rushing into the keep, and that he fell to his death, never touched by an enemy blade. And still some rumors persist that Hakune survived the battle and escaped into the wild with only his closest companions.

Prince Hakune

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