Qer d'Esci

Qer d’Esci (or translated from the Dusriel tongue: ‘Land of the Second Sun‘) is one of the smallest and southernmost regions of the continent and the only homeland of the Dusriel. While it is closest to Sol Kharaogh, it is nearly impossible to reach without traveling on the ocean so the Grand Duchy of Resaria was the first to have meaningful contact with Qer d’Esci, although its existence has been known of by the Kharaoghians for centuries.

Separated from Sol Kharaogh by the Glasslands, for most of its history, Qer d’Esci has flourished relatively untouched by the outside world (altough somehow both the Elves and the Dwarves have legends pertaining to it despite being, geographically, some of the most distant peoples). It is also one of the few water-rich locations in the Southern Continent (although still one of, if not the, warmest temperature-wise), which assisted the Dusriel in thriving despite being relatively primitive and surrounded by vast deserts.

Also noteworthy is that Qer d’Esci is the possibly the only largely inhabited region of the Continent where Little Brother is almost always visible. The Second Sun hangs in the southern sky of Qer d’Esci for nine months of every year, so even when the First Sun sets, the Dusriel’s night is usually closer to the twilight of the rest of the Continent.

Throughout most of its history, Qer d’Esci was only inhabited by the Dusriel and the many unique creatures of the delta (the isolated ecosystem has resulted in the most unique combination of flora and fauna in the Continent) until various mercenary bands and pirates began utilizing its remote coast as ports and began bartering with the Dusriel for gems and other trinkets for trade. With the expansion of the Resarian navy (which lead to the extermination of piracy), the scoundrels were replaced with Resarian traders and, eventually, an occupation force. Despite many bloody rebellions, Qer d’Esci is still occupied by the Resarians, who continue to farm the land for resources.

Qer d'Esci

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